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Another Baku Shopping Festival started!

A bunch of spectacular gifts, lotteries and sales is awaiting you. Watch for more to come.

On 15 October, the second Baku Shopping Festival that undergone through long time preparations in our capital city, kicked off. This time, it will be very different from the first one and bring more opportunities. The Festival that will last until 15 November, mobilizes over 500 merchants. Majority of these stores joined the VAT refund system and open up many possibilities for tourists and local customers to get Tax Free reimbursements .

The official partners are of the Baku Shopping Festival are the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL), the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (the Asan Service) and Azer-Turk Bank.

One of innovations is the inclusion of the Bravo hypermarket and the Neptun supermarket to this year’s Baku Shopping Festival. Furthermore, several drug stores will also participate in this Festival.

The organizers of the Baku Shopping Festival prepared special tourist packages for the travel agencies. This includes air ticket, transfer to hotel, insurance, 3 nights hotel accommodation and shopping tours in the Festival’s stores.

The Festival’s participants will be also offered gift cards, special lotteries and discount vouchers, many surprises and entertaining events. At the same time, the Shopomania Game at the Park Boulevard Mall will attract and encourage many tourists and customers. A special Wheel of Fortune entertaining program comprising interactive games will be realized at the 28 Mall and Ganjlik Mall. Visitors will also enjoy the Fan Zone at Fountains’ Square.

The Festival Surprises: Play Your Lottery and Get a Gift!

Any client that will play the “Ani lottery” in “scratch the card and win” format within the Festival period gets a chance to earn without having waited for other participants. Each customer that makes shopping at the amount of AZN100 or more from any Festival participating store can become a lottery participant. During the Festival, a shopping with AZN100 – 500 range generates one ticket while the shopping amount varying between AZN500 and more can bring two tickets.

What Is Tax Free and to Whom Is it Applied?

Known widely in the world, ‘the Tax Free’ means a refund of the Value Added Tax (VAT) paid for goods purchased by foreign nationals and envisaged not to be used for commercial purposes.

In recent years, Azerbaijan has started to pay back VAT to tourists for the goods they buy. Upon leaving the country, travelers are able to obtain a VAT refund at the airport for goods purchased in stores with the ‘Tax Free’ logo.

Starting from the current year, the notion of Tax Free in our country became more attractive in relation to other countries thanks to the Baku Shopping Festival organized in the capital city. Thus, while this amenity is available only for foreign tourists in other countries, it is also beneficial to locals in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani citizens will be also refunded some part of VAT for the goods they buy.

Furthermore, the minimum purchase amount for the Tax Free concession is also be reduced in Azerbaijan. Usually, the requirement for the minimum Tax Free refund amount for foreign nationals is AZN300. However, during the Baku Shopping Festival, this amount will only need to be over AZN100 and available for both tourists and local citizens. It means that anyone purchasing goods for values of more than AZN100 in the same store has the opportunity to receive a refund of part of the amount paid. During the shopping, the customers are given the electronic invoice. Then, they apply to the VAT point and validate the said invoice. The address of VAT points of the Festival can be obtained at http://bakushopfest.com/edv-koshkleri/.

The VAT amount is refunded through chartered banks of the Festival on the day of validation of the invoice at VAT point. The VAT refund campaign is applied only to the goods purchased at the Festival registered stores. The list of chartered correspondent banks is available at http://bakushopfest.com/muvekkil-banklar/.

To obtain more information about stores where the shopping will enable VAT refund at the Baku Shopping Festival, please go to http://bakushopfest.com/our-stores/

It should be noted that the annually organized Baku Shopping Festival was organized for the first time in the capital of Azerbaijan from April 10 to May 10 this year. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is appointed to organize the Shopping Festival, on the basis of the decree signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev on 1 September 2016, under the title of the Additional Measures aimed at the development of tourism in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Festival is  operated by the  Azerbaijan Conventions Bureau under the Ministry. The holding of Shopping Festivals in Baku is commissioned by the Presidential Decree of 6 December 2016 and is reflected in the Strategic Roadmap for Development of Specialized Tourism Industry.

Detailed information on the Baku Shopping Festival and its organizers can be contacted by following phone number and email: 0124982063

E-mail: media@bakushopfest.com

Web: www.bakushopfest.com

For media: http://bakushopfest.com/for-media-inquiries/


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